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Replacement Water Filters

Genesis Steel Water IonizerGenesis Steel Replacement Filters

A replacement filter set containing both filters for your Genesis Steel Water Ionizer.

IonPlus Undercounter Water IonizerIonPlus Undersink Replacement Filters

11 Stage advanced filtration system made of activated carbon, carbon block and a sediment media for removing chlorine, heavy metals, and ag chemicals. Comprised of super ceramic, anion ceramic and anti-bacterial ceramic for the removal of the most difficult contaminants.

Genesis Platinum Water IonizerGenesis Replacement Filters

Our filters offer multi-stage, advanced filtration for your safety. Notice the many different levels of treatment. Replacement Filter One is good fo 6000 liters, about 1585 gallons. Replacement Filter Two is good for 9000 liters, about 2375 gallons. Both filters should be replaced at least once a year. See the table below for information about water sources.

EOS Revelation 2 TURBO Undersink Water IonizerRevelation Replacement Filters

Revelation Undersink Water Ionizer Replacement Filters. Sold as filter set one, which is filters one and two ($99). Or as filter set two ($109), which is filters three and four. Or you can purchase all four as a complete set ($159).

Aauatonic 500 Water IonizerKYK Harmony Replacement Filters

KYK Harmony Replacement Filter: Replaces the filter for the KYK Harmony (9040 and 9040 Gold) water ionizer.