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Our water filtration systems can turn dangerous, acidic water into healthy alkaline ionized water.

The New EOS DNA Water IonizerGenesis Steel Water Ionizer

The new Genesis Steel Water Ionizer (IW-5000) features the most advanced 300 watt SMPS electrical system ever made. It runs cooler and cleaner than older models. The Genesis Steel also features a dual filter system with tourmaline and ion exchange resin that removes 99.99% of the contaminants from your drinking water. The 9 premium platinum-titanium plates create powerful antioxidants to improve the health of you and your family!

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IonPlus Undersink Water IonizerIonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer

The IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer offers a large, stainless steel faucet with controls that are easy to use plus powerful ionization creating a pH range of 3.5 to 10 pH. Its multi-stage filtration system removes over 99% of contaminants from your drinking water. Its sleek design enhances any kitchen decor!

ONLY $2,295.00
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Genesis Platinum 9 Turbo

Better flow rate (up to four liters a minute) and more power than the Genesis Platinum 7!

Revelation 2 Turbo Undercounter

The new Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer is the new standard in water ionization.

Replacement Filters

Meeting all your replacement filter needs to make sure you have healthy safe drinking water!

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