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Greetings and water "solutions",

Welcome to Water Genesis. One of our combined desires is to find profitable and useful ways to brighten and enhance our own lives and the lives of others. We have found deep satisfaction in finding ways to contribute to healthy well being within and without. We do not believe in empty words, but in successful implementation of ideas that promote health and life abundant. It is our pleasure to pass along the benefits of our discoveries and present them here.


Changing the water you drink can make significant changes in your life and health. We have found ionization machines for home and business that change your drinking water to safe, affordable, eco friendly, practical, delicious, disease detracting, pristine, life giving liquid.

Safe because all contaminants are removed including the pollution's, poisons, metals, pharmaceuticals, caffeine, hormones, antibiotics, rust dust, dirt and bacteria's.

Affordable because you can drink it live from your tap for pennies a gallon. Our listed units last for years are self cleaning and only require normal use filter changes about once a year. Our units are considerably less then others on the market. We also do local installation, when I'm in your area.

Practical because you don't have to lug bottled water from your grocery store, it comes right out of your cold water supply into our water changing, ionization machine into your glass or container. Save yourself from plastic bottle leaching.

Eco Friendly because to date land fills are super overloaded with plastic bottles which do not degrade for 1000 years and they now are in current channels crossing the pacific ocean from the US to Japan littering the ocean and trapping birds and sea creatures and showing up on land beaches. The channels are as much as 3 miles wide and stretching from shore to shore.

Delicious because the water is engineered filtration. Genesis Replacement Filter One: Our Genesis filter #1 offers seven levels of treatment including four anti-bacterial felts, a sediment filter, ion exchange resin, and activated carbon. We take pride in keeping you and your family safe from bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants that threaten your health & wellness. Genesis Replacement Filter Two: Our Genesis Replacement Filter #2 offers a large section of silver activated carbon filtration, pure calcium, activated carbon, ceramic ball, as well as five more anti-bacteria felts. After your tap water passes through both filters, it comes out fresh, smooth, full of calcium, and ready to be ionized The taste mimics sweet mountain top stream water.

Disease detracting because the ionizers produce three kinds of water.

  1. Purified water at 7. pH with all contaminants removed.
  2. Acidic water which will kill bacteria, even E. Coli, and it nourishes human skin enabling numerous skin conditions to heal more rapidly. Human blood pH exists between fine margin of 7.3-7.45 to go higher or lower invites death. The body works hard to maintain the alkalinity of blood and since most of what we ingest from the air, water, environmental pollution's, most foods and stress produces acid, the body will scavenge minerals from whatever and wherever it can to preserve the alkalinity to preserve life. Chronic disease thrives in an internal acidic climate.
  3. Alkaline water is antioxidant and scavenges free radicals which create aging. Ionization causes much improved hydration, and the electrical process oxygenates the water. Disease cannot live in an alkaline oxygenated environment.

Pristine because the water is continually filtered to be the equivalent the healing waters of the most artesian well on the planet, for example like in Lourdes, France where thousands of visitors come annually to find healing benefits through the water. Our water, cleaned at .1 microns, can be reproduced in your home that is like the crystalline water from the top of the world babbling brooks.

And life giving, yes, for all the above reasons and more. When the body becomes more alkaline it becomes increasingly stress free, begins to eliminate the acidic toxins it has stored, enabling the body to better heal itself. Since we are about 70 % water it stands to reason a most efficient way to bring healing is to give the body good quality clean alkalizing micro structured water.

We are here to help you with your Ionizer purchase and questions.

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